About Us

A journey started more than 7 decades ago, when the members of the Sethi family led by late Mr. Ram Murti Sethi, started at Asia’s biggest dry fruit market in Khari Baoli as humble broker(s). The family learned the art and nuance of picking the best dry fruits and spices for their families, friends, clients, and business associates.

Through this magnanimous experience in Khari Baoli, we bring to you the finest selection of dry fruits and spices for you and your family, just like we have been selecting the very best for our friends and family. We seek your support and trust as we make a humble beginning to offer our best to you.

From our family to yours!

#Basketville of happiness

Our Brand Story

Through the 7 decades of work at the famed Khari Baoli market, we never had a name and when we sat down with our creative team, it was important to have a logo and name that depicts what we believe in.

Our logo represents, the opening of a nut, a seed, a plant, or a fruit. It also represents the quintessential basket, while the yellow dot represents the beginning of auspicious work. The lashes represent the respected women of India who are the decision-maker of the family when it comes to making the right food choices, amongst other great choices that they make in every sphere, and yet, they represent less than 5% of the business community in the famed Khari Baoli market.